What is RNI Registration?

  Registration of newborn infants (RNI) is a requirement for all children born in India. The child can get vaccinated, get his or her birth certificate and passport did at the same time. In order to register, one needs to produce the following documents: The child’s Birth Certificate issued by the hospital. Parents’ Passport size photographs One set of Address Proof of both parents (any of this will suffice as Address Proof)  The couple/parents can either go to their local Registration Office with these documents or send them by post.  

Publishers who must register with RNI

  Any firm, whether Indian or foreign, wishing to operate in India’s publishing industry must first obtain RNI Registration. Additionally, rni registration process is required for the publication of editorials in any format in magazines.   RNI registration is necessary for the publishers listed below: –  
  1. Newspaper in India
  Any organization or company that wants to operate a newspaper in India must first obtain RNI Registration. A RNI Registration would also be necessary for regional newspapers.  
  1. Opinion articles
  Any type of editorial, including newspaper editorials, would need to be RNI Registered.  
  1.   Foreign Journal
  Any foreign newspaper firm or other organization that wants to publish a newspaper in India must first register as an RNI.  
  1. Magazines
  Any kind of publication, in any language, would need to be registered with RNI.  

The duties carried out by RNI

  The National Registration and Identification Authority (NARI) is responsible for registering all citizens of Nepal, who are classified as:  
  1. Male Nepali citizens, who were born in Nepal before and on 24th November 2007. 
  2. Female Nepali citizens, who were born in Nepal before and on 24th November 2007. 
  3. Female Nepali citizenship with foreign origin marrying a male Nepali citizen by May 2013. 
  4. Registered foreign national spouse of a Nepalese citizen by any date.
  5. Natural-born Nepalese citizen of foreign origin. 
  6. Foreigner marrying a Nepali citizen. 
  7. Foreigner marrying a Nepali citizen.
  8. Nationalized foreign employees of Nepal by May 2013. 
  9. Foreigner married an Indian national in Nepal without the knowledge and approval of the Ministry of Home Affairs (MoHA). This provision shall cease to apply from 1 January 2012. 
  10. Foreigner married to an Indian national in Nepal with the approval of the Ministry of Home Affairs (MoHA). 
  11. Foreign national married to a Nepalese citizen. 
  12. Registered foreign national with a Nepali citizen parent by any date. 
  13. Nepal or Indian-origin foreign nationals married to a Nepalese citizen after May 2013.

RNI Registration Requirements at a Basic Level

  A male citizen of Nepal with the following basic personal details and identification needs accompanied by his passport should apply for RNI registration status by having the following documents required for rni registration:  
  1. Birth certificate. 
  2. National Identity Card (NIC). 
  3. Proof of applicant’s fulfilling the citizenship requirement. 
  4. Two photographs. 
  5. Home address proof. 
  6. Nepalese citizenship status proof. 
  7. Passport.
Benefits of Registering with RNI for Journal Publication
  The following are the benefits associated with the registration of Indian citizens with RNI.  
  1. The applicant shall be listed as a “Nepali citizen” in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA)’s Nepalese foreign nationals register.
  2. The applicant shall be listed as a “Nepali citizen” in the Ministry of Finance’s Current Account Recording System(CARS). 
  3. Applicants shall get the “Nepalese passport”. 
  4. Applicants shall get the “Nepalese national identity card”. 
  5. Applicants shall get the “Nepalese voter identity card”. 
  6. Applicants shall get the “Nepali passport for travel to India”.
  7. Applicants shall get the “Nepalese residence permit from India”. 
  8. Applicants shall be recorded in the National Population and Housing Census (NPOC).
  How to Register as an RNI   For RNI Registration cost, the applicant must submit the completed application form along with all required documents for proof of citizenship and identification to any Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB) Branch Office by paying a non-refundable fee of NPR 500 and NRB shall issue or renew the RNI card within 15 days. The RNI Card is valid for 5 years. If a holder’s information changes during the validity period, he/she has to apply for renewal within 60 days of such change.   Assistance from CorpBiz in acquiring RNI Registration  
  1. Buy a Plan for Professional Assistance
  2. Questions Additional to RNI Registration
  3. Documents should be sent to Corpbiz Expert for proper guidance and advice about RNI registration.
  4. Create an RNI Registration Application In Complete the Title Verification Process for Preliminary Screening Admissibility Criteria.
  5. RNI Registration Documentation
  6. Finished procedural steps
  7. Register for RNI at your front door!
  Conclusion :    In the present scenario, there is a great importance of registering with RNI for Indian citizens as there are some facilities that can be available in future. So we can say it’s better to register with an RNI card in Nepal. A good alternative to the RNI card is the SRCP card which is a travel document that can be used as proof of identity and citizenship, or as proof of ‘are you a resident of Nepal’.When he/she first arrives in Nepal, an applicant should apply for a SRCP (statutory registration certificate of permanent residence) and submit it to the Immigration Office. This is a one-time application procedure.

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