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Board Resolution to Change the Registered Office?

Every business organization has a principal place of business activities, which in case of a company called its registered office. The address of the situation of the registered office is very important from general public, shareholders, customers and various other points of view. Every company is governed in accordance with the provisions of the Companies Act, 2013, therefore, it is mandatory for all companies to keep the Registrar of Companies informed about the location of the registered office and changes Thereto from time to time. Promoters of the Company decide the State in which the registered office shall be situated. A registered office is the official address of a company to which all official letters and reminders will be sent by any person, any government or non government or regulatory body. In terms of Section 7 of the Companies Act, 2013 (the “Act”), all registered companies are legally required to have a registered office address in India from the date of commencement of business or within thirty days from the date of incorporation whichever is earlier. However, under the incorporation process effective as on date, the proposed company is required to intimate the address of its proposed registered office t the time of incorporation itself As per section 12(2), it is duty of the Company to furnish to the ROC verification.

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Uses of Board Resolution to Change the Registered Office?

  • This letter is used to change the registered office from on place to other but in different city.

Contract Execution of Board Resolution to Change the Registered Office

  • Board Resolution to Change the Registered Office is always printed on letter head of the company mentioning all the details. It is being drafted here on legalraasta. You can take the help of experts without any hesitation.

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