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    What is a Private limited company?

    Private Limited Company registration is the most popular form of a “legal structure” for all businesses in India. A private limited company can have a minimum of two members and a maximum of fifty members. The directors of a private limited company have limited liability to their creditors and Banks/Creditors are allowed to sell only the assets of the company (when there is a scenario of default). The creditors do not have the authority to sell the personal assets of directors. Do ensure that your company is registered, for starting a company in India. The private limited company registration process is very important, as it provides authenticity to your proposed business structure. Though you need to make sure that you have all the required “Private limited company registration documents”. In the long run, the registration will provide you a great number of advantages such as “from registering in a hassle-free manner to dissolving easily also.” “Start-ups and growing companies” prefer the tag of a “Private limited company”. Contact Leciel Consulting for “Private limited company registration in India”.

    Private Limited Company Registration Benefits

    A large number of benefits, when you go for Private Limited Company Registration in India, are as follows:
    • Protection Of Personal Assets of The Partners:
    • In the case of a Private Limited Company’s shareholders, they tend to have limited liability.
    • So if you are a shareholder, then you will be considered liable to pay the liability of the company. But only to the limit of your contribution in the company.
    • Leciel Consulting experts in company registration experts can help you in better understanding the “Private limited company registration process in India”.
    • A Private Limited Company is Separate Legal Entity in the Eyes Of The Law:
    • In other words, the partners/owners of a PLC, are a completely different entity according to the Indian constitution.
    • So indirectly a company will be upheld for efficient management of it’s debtors and creditors, assets and liabilities.
    • You Can Raise Capital Easily:
    • A private limited company, which is registered in India, must meet a certain number of compliance requirements.
    • This form of company structure is largely preferred by entrepreneurs.
    • Because it helps them to raise the necessary funds via equity. It also allows them to expand and limits their personal liability.
    • It Comes With The Benefit Of Continuous Existence:
    • It has the most important benefit, which is known as “Perpetual Succession”.
    • It means that it’s existence will be continuous until it is legally dissolved.
    • Due to it being a separate legal entity, it remains unaffected by the departure or death of any member.
    • Even though there may be a change in existence, it will continue it’s existence.
    • You will receive a “Private limited company registration certificate”, upon completion of the process.
    • Note: While going for Private Limited Company Registration online, you need to make sure that your preferred company name falls under the umbrella of “Private limited company registration name availability” criteria.

    What is Included In Our Package?

    DIN for both the directors
    DSC for the same
    Name search & approval
    ROC Fees & Pan card
    Free GST Registration

    Documents Required For Private Limited Company Registration

    This list is also known as “Private limited company registration checklist”.
    • PAN Card of all the directors.
    • Passport size photographs of the same must be shown
    • Either the “Aadhaar Card or the Voter identity card”, has to be presented during the process.
    • If the company property is on rent then the rent agreement is to be shown.
    • One of these two:- Electricity/ Water bill but any of them must be of the business place only
    • Property papers (owned)
    • Landlord NOC (Format will be provided)
    Contact the expert team of “ Leciel Consulting” to know more about “Private limited company registration cost”. We provide various company registration services such as “Private limited company registration in India”.

    Private Limited Company Registration Process

    Complete our Simple Form

    You need to fill our simple company registration form and submit documents for the formation of a company.

    Obtain DSC and DPIN from us

    After submitting your documents we will provide you with DSC and DPI

    Verification and Name Approval

    Details provided by you will be verified and then we shall apply for name approval

    Document Submission

    We will create all the required Private limited company registration documents and file them with ROC on your behalf

    Your work is completed

    You will receive documents and DSCs, upon the incorporation of your company.

    Advantages Of A Private Limited Company

    There are multiple reasons to get your company registered as a “Private limited company”:
    • Preferred by banks, VCs & investors.
    • Easy to allocate and redistribute shares to other directors/ people who have invested money in the company.
    • Acts as a separate legal entity which limits your liability.
    • Offers the flexibility of a partnership firm and the advantages of a Public Ltd Company.
    • Easy to register, manage & run.
    • The company can be very smoothly dissolved.

    Minimum Requirements For Company Registration

    • A minimum of 2 Shareholders must be present, during the whole process.
    • There should not be less than two directors, as it is a compulsory requirement.
    • 1 Lac Share Capital is the pre-determined minimal amount.
    • DPIN for all the directors.
    • At least one designated partner should be an Indian Resident.
    • The company can be very smoothly dissolved.
    Note: You will be required to pay “Private limited company registration government fees” also during the registration process.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What do you mean by “Private Company Registration”?
    “Private limited company registration process” is a service, which our firm provides. It is the most popular form of a “legal structure” for all businesses in India. A “Pvt Ltd.” company is incorporated under the Companies Act 2013 and it is governed by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA). Contact the team of experts at Leciel Consulting for “Private limited company registration in India”.
    SHow can one get their “Private Company Registered”?
    You can go through the “Private limited company registration process” using our expert services. This whole process usually takes 10-15 days to complete. You are only required to fill out a 10-minute questionnaire. After the consultation, we will help you with “Private limited company registration documents”, which are required to complete the “Private limited company registration process in India”.
    What is the cost incurred to get a “Private Company Registered”?
    Our experts at Leciel Consulting charge only Rs.5,999 to carry out the process of registration of your Private Company but under the current circumstances due to the ongoing pandemic, we have launched a special offer: “COVID offer to support startups: Only Rs 249+ Govt Fees”
    What is the process of getting a Private Company Registered?
    Step 1: Obtaining Digital Signature (DSC) and DPIN Step 2: Application of DPIN Step 3: Name approval Step 4: Form SPICe Step 5: e-MoA (INC-33) and e-AoA (INC-34) Step 6: PAN and TAN application
    Which documents are required to get a Private Company Registered?
    The following provides a complete list of documents which are required to get your Private Company registered: • ID proof and address proof • Copy of PAN card of directors • Passport size photograph of directors • Copy of Aadhaar card/voter identity card of directors • Registered office proof • Copy of Rent agreement (If the company property is on a renting basis) • Electricity/water bill (Relevant to the “Business Place”) • Copy of Property papers (If the property is owned) • Landlord NOC (Format will be provided)

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