Eating House Registration License

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    Eating House Registration License

    Delhi Police Act requires a license to be obtained for operating an Eating House. An applicant has to apply for the Eating House License under the City/State Police Headquarters and the Police Commissioner, Licensing- that is the monitoring authority to grant this license. As per the order of delegation of Power issued by the Commissioner of Police, Delhi, the Addl. Commissioner of Police, Licensing, Delhi is the Registration Authority in relation to the registration of Eating Houses. Eating House means :- “Any place to which the public are admitted, and where any kind of food or drink is supplied for consumption”. This license is provided by Licensing Police Commissioner of that city. Eating House License Registration is done through Leciel Consulting. A house license is specific to a person or business that provides food, either cooked or uncooked, for people to eat at their own homes. While many types of food service establishments need a license, it’s particularly important for restaurants that want patrons to take the food home with them and then eat at home. Today we’re going to run through the steps you need in order to register your restaurant for a house license with the state of [state]. Many people are not aware of the importance of license registration. While it might seem unnecessary and even nonsensical, this form is required by law to ensure that you’re driving safely on local roads. To be an experienced driver, you must also take your driving test and carry a valid license (as long as it has not expired).

    What Is Included In Our Package?

    Eligibility Consultation
    Document Preparation
    Application Drafting
    Goverment Fee

    Procedure for Eating House License Registration

    Complete Our Simple Form

    You need to fill our application form for Drug License and provide us details about your wholesale/retail business.

    Send your Documents

    You need to email us the required documents.

    Eating House License Issued

    Your application for drug license along with other declarations are filed to the Drug Control Department by our advocates.

    Eating House License Issued

    Your application for drug license along with other declarations are filed to the Drug Control Department by our advocates.

    Drug license Issued

    We will mail you the license after regular follow ups with Drug Control department.

    Documents required to obtain Eating House License

    • Application form
    • Residence proof of the applicant
    • Site Plan and postcard size photographs of Eating House
    • Photocopy of valid NDMC/MCD/DCB/Airport Authority of India Trade license and fee receipt
    • Document(s) to prove the legal occupancy of the place of Eating House and in case of tenancy, NOC from landlord
    • An affidavit on stamp paper of Rs.10/- duly attested by Notary Public
    • Fire NOC, if seating capacity of the eating house is 50 or more
    • Undertaking with regard to amusement activities
    • Undertaking regarding installation of CCTV Cameras with 30 days recording facility

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the validity period of Eating House Registration Certificate i.e. Eating House license?
    The Registration Certificate/ Eating House license will be valid for three years, subject to validity of trade license possessed by the applicant.
    How to obtain a Duplicate Eating House Registration Certificate?
    In case Registration Certificate is lost, defaced or destroyed, an application can be made to the Registering Authority regarding the same. The Registering Authority may on receiving an application made to him and after such enquiry as he may think fit, issue a duplicate copy of the Registration Certificate on payment.
    When the Registration Certificate can be cancelled?
    The Certificate of Eating House Registration is liable for cancellation by the Registering Authority for violation of any regulation or Directions issued by the Registering Authority after the holder of certificate of Registration has been afforded a reasonable opportunity of showing cause against such cancellation. If the operation of the Eating House has been closed due to any reason, the R.C. holder may submit a written request to the Registering Authority for cancellation of the R.C. by surrendering the same.
    Whether Eating House Registration Certificate transferable?
    In case of death of Eating House Registration Certificate holder or any other unavoidable circumstances , the Registration Certificate may be transferred after the production of amended Health Trade License issued by the civic body and after due Character Verification conducted by Registering Authority.
    How to file an appeal against an order of Licensing Unit?
    Any person who is aggrieved by the orders of Eating House Registration Authority may present an appeal before Commissioner of Police within time period of 30 days from the date of order against which an appeal is to be filed.

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