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    FSSAI Registration ( FSSAI Licence)

    Further, Safe Food for India regulates the standards for food and drinking water in India. It regulates that no adulteration of food or tampering with the product quality is allowed. All food manufacturers, distributors and retailers have to have licenses from FSSAI to manufacture, distribute or sell any edible product or beverage. A specific set of rules has been set by FSSAI which applies to all companies who are operating in India whether large scale corporate firms or individuals. These rules are a pillar of consumer protection and prevent adulteration of food products through such practices as adding fruit juice to plain packaged cookies. For example, one rule prohibits all substances other than spices or condiments, or natural ingredients in any edible product. The Standard Mark which is mandatory to appear on every product that complies with the food standards set by FSSAI. This mark can be used by food businesses for display of compliance with Indian food safety standards. Expert Advice and FSSAI eligibility consultation. Application Drafting for FSSAI Registration. 14-Digital FSSAI License number.

    Procedure For Online FSSAI Registration

    Complete a Simple Form

    You need to fill our FSSAI application form and provide details about your food business.

    Send your Documents

    You need to email us the required documents and we will create your FSSAI Form A and Form B.

    Documents Submission

    Your FSSAI License application along with other declarations are filed to the local FBO by our CS/ CA.

    FSSAI license Issued

    We will mail you the license which will act as a food license, after regular follows ups with the food safety department.

    Documents required to obtain FSSAI Food License

    • Declaration form
    • Authority letter
    • Copy of Property paper (If owned property)
    • Food Safety Management System plan or certificate
    • >Electricity/ Water bill (Business Place)
    • Form IX: Nomination of Persons by a Company along with the Board Resolution

    What Is Included In Our Package?

    Eligibility Consultation
    Document Preparation
    Application Filing
    Government Fees

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the full form of FSSAI?
    The full form of FSSAI is the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India.
    What is that FSSAI Registration?
    The FSSAI Registration is a process for all food business operators (FBOs) to apply for getting the certificate which states that the food is safe to consume by the consumers.
    How to Apply for FSSAI Registration?
    FSSAI License Registration can be easily applied online. But you will require an expert to complete the application procedure. For more details call us on 8750008881
    What are the types of FSSAI Food Licences?
    The types of FSSAI Food licenses are : • Basic FSSAI Registration- Annual turnover of less than Rs. 12 Lakhs • State FSSAI Licence- Annual turnover between Rs.12 Lakhs- Rs. 20 crores • Central FSSAI Licence- Annual turnover more than Rs.20 crores
    What documents are required to get registered as an NBFC?
    • Certificate of Incorporation of the Company. • MoA and AoA. • Administrative Documents of the Company. • Address proof of the Company. • Detailed information about Directors or Partners of the Company. • Well-audited accounts of the Company since its formations or for at least the past 3-consecutive years. • Board Resolution approving the creation of NBFC. • Bank Account that holds the paid-up equity share capital of minimum Rs. 2 Crore. • Latest KYC. • Net worth certificate. • Clean banker’s report. • Other relevant documents on request.
    Does RBI regulate all financial companies?
    No. Merchant Banking Companies, Stock Exchanges, Housing Finance Companies, Venture Capital Fund Companies, Stock-broking/Sub-broking Companies, Nidhi Companies, Insurance Companies, and Chit Fund Companies are NBFCs and they do not need to be registered with RBI but they are subject to certain conditions. They are regulated by other regulators.

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