Import Export Code Registration

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Import Export Code Registration

If you are into international trade, import export code is probably your term for the document that records the steps necessary for a shipment’s transportation from one country to another. This information helps to avoid any potential customs hassles. The process of exporting and importing goods is becoming more complicated due to increasing global trade volumes, which has necessitated the need of these documents and procedures. However, in recent times it has come to light that many exporters and importers have been duped by fake import export codes or have otherwise been subjected to economic losses through an expired code or a fraudulent one when they were not delivered on time due to delays with customs paperwork and preparation. In order to prevent this from happening, the United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP) provides a free online service for anyone who needs to retrieve an import export code for a specific shipment or for a future shipment. This is done through the use of their IEC Online tool that allows you to generate an official and authentic import export code within minutes with just a few clicks of your mouse or other web enabled device’s buttons. This code has many names, like importer exported code, import export code, import export license, import export number, IE code, IE license etc. You can issue this code in either your name or under company’s name. Once issued, it is valid for all its division/units/factories/branches.

What Is Included In Our Package?

Drafting Documents
Application Filing
Application Processing
Completion registration

Steps to Apply Import Export Code

Complete Our IEC Form

You are required to fill our simple online IEC code application form and email documents.

IEC Application Creation

We draft your application for IEC code and file it with the DGFT office on your behalf.

IEC fee payment

We pay the Import Export Code Registration government free and follow-up with the department for your license.

Import Export Code Registration License sent by email

Once your IEC CODE registration is completed we will send the IEC license to you by email.

When is IEC code required?

  • It is needed by the custom authorities to clear the shipments in the case of any imports.
  • Also, it is needed by the bank to transfer the amount in the case of any imports made.
  • Vis-à-vis if an exporter needs to send the shipments, then it is required.
  • Or, if the exporter is supposed to receive money in foreign currency and it is transferred directly into his bank account.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Import Export Code Registration?
Import Export Code or IEC is a 10-digit code that a business or a person needs to import/export goods/services. This code is issued by DGFT (Director General of Foreign trade), Ministry of Commerce and Industries, Government of India. The validity of this code is for lifetime, that is, there is no need to renew it. This code is generated within 5-15 working days after the documents are submitted and all the corrections required are made
How to get IEC code registered?
You can get IEC code registered by using our expert services at Leciel Consulting.
How much does it cost to get Import Export Code Registration?
We at Leciel Consulting cost our clients Rs.3,499 to get a new IEC code and Rs.2,000 to make some amendments in the IEC code.
What is the process of getting Import Export Code Registration?
Step 1: Preparing application In order to get code an application must be made in the Aayaat Niryaat Form 2A format to the DGFT in that region where the registered office of the company is established. Government has also arranged online filing facility for obtaining Import Export Code Registration CODE ONLINE. Step 2: Processing of application Details of the business and its proprietors, directors or partners, bank account details and a bank certificate are the basic requirements of ANF 2A. All the required documents for IEC need to be submitted with ANF 2A. Digital signature is required on the ANF2A form.
What are the documents required to get IEC code registered?
A-the list below describes the total documents required to get IEC registration for an entity. For any other, the list is mentioned above. • Copy of PAN card firm/company • Copy of property papers (if owned property) • Copy of rent agreement (if rented property) • Landlord NOC (format will be provided by us) • Cancelled cheque of firm • Electricity/water bill (business place) • Telephone bill in the same name • Copy of tax returns (in case of proprietorship) • Certificate of incorporation (in case of company) • Bank statement of firm/Company • AOA and MOA (In case of company) • 1 letter head of company (in case of company)

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