Indian Subsidiary Registration

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    What is the Indian Subsidiary registration?

    Indian subsidiary registration is a company registration which provides the same privileges as an Indian company. Although there is no such thing as a complete list of benefits, some of the most commonly mentioned benefits of an Indian subsidiary registration include: – Tax Benefits – Legal Protections and Help by Indian Government agencies – Access to Seller’s Credit in India – Protection from Lawsuits outside India Considerations before registering your business in India: Before you decide to register your corporate business in India or set up a branch office here, it is important to do your own research and understand the implications. – The process takes 1–2 months. A local Indian attorney’s assistance will save you tons of time and money. – Check your additional tax obligations, such as VAT, other sales taxes and income tax on the net profits earned in India (a majority of international businesses operating in India earn most or all of their revenue from outside India).

    Minimum Requirements for Indian Subsidiary Registration ?

    • Minimum 2 Shareholders
    • Minimum Capital of Rs. 1lac
    • DIN for all Directors
    • Parent company must hold 50% of total equity capital.

    Documents required for Indian Subsidiary Company

    From All Directors and Shareholders

    • Utility bills (any)
    • A copy of a rent agreement with NOC from an owner.

    For Proposed Registered Office (Residential or commercial)

    • Passport of foreign directors
    • Incorporation certificate issued by the foreign government
    • For opening a subsidiary company in India, a resolution from LLC/INC
    • A copy of Voter’s ID/Driving license/Passport & PAN Card of Indian director.
    • Photograph of all directors and shareholder. (Passport-sized)

    Procedure for Indian Subsidiary Registration ?

    Complete our Simple Form

    You are required to fill the details in our simple questionnaire and submit documents.

    Obtain DSC and DIN from us

    We will provide you with DSC and DIN. To proceed further, you need to give your approval.

    MOA and AOA Filing for you

    For further procedures, details provided by you will be verified by our experts.

    Document Submission

    We will create your required documents and file them with ROC on your behalf

    Your work is completed

    Once your company is incorporated, we shall send you all the documents and DSCs.

    What is included in Our Package

    Registration Fee
    Drafting of MOA/AOA
    DSC and DIN

    Minimum Requirements for Indian Subsidiary Registration ?

    • Minimum 2 Shareholders
    • Minimum Capital of Rs. 1lac
    • Passport of foreign directors
    • DIN for all Directors
    • Parent company must hold 50% of total equity capital.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How to set up an Indian Subsidiary Company?
    The first and foremost need to start up these companies is the sole director. Some years ago, there will be a need for Company secretary also. As soon as you register as a sole director, you will enter both you’re a residential address and a service address. But only the service address will appear in the public records. The various documents that you have submitted regarding shareholders, you will have both an individual director and another company as a shareholder. There is a prohibition in having an entire company owned by another company. Once, you are done with the documentation, you will have a decision within 24 hours from Companies House.
    Can Indian Company be a 100% subsidiary of the parent company?
    Of course, the Indian Companies Act requires that there should be at least two shareholders and foreign companies hence must hold 99.99% of shares of an Indian subsidiary. Besides, minority balance holding is nominated and held under the Indian Companies Act in the name of an individual.
    Are there any restrictions on the activities that Indian subsidiaries of foreign companies engage in?
    OThe reserve bank of India has some guidelines that define activities for foreign Companies under the following broad categories: -A foreign company is freely allowed for the activities to engage in without obtaining any permission. -A foreign company is allowed for the activities to participate subject to conditions. -A foreign company is prohibited for the activities to engage in. Such activities are further elaborated under various circulars of RBI under FEMA.
    Can a Company form a One person company (OPC) as its subsidiary?
    Only a natural person who is an Indian and resident in India is eligible to incorporate OPC as per the rule 3 of the Companies rules, 2014. Hence, the question of any “body corporate” or other organization form being the single member doesn’t arise.
    5. What are the minimum requirements of Indian Subsidiary registration?
    -Minimum 2 Shareholders -Minimum Capital of Rs. 1lac -DIN for all Directors -A parent company shall have 50% of total equity capital. Apply Now

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