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Expert Tax Advisory made Affordable

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Tax Expert advice at an affordable price using technology, and the convenience of online collaboration. Tax Cases like IT Declaration, New vs Old tax regime, Tax Savings, Late Income Tax Filing, Revised Income Tax Filing, Optimal Salary Structure, Startup Salary, PF / EPF, Capital Gains, Re-investment Options, Virtual Digital Assets (Cryptocurrencies), Undisclosed Income, Tax Investigations, Handling IT Notice, IT Audit, GST, GST Filing, GST Audit, Export, Import Businesses .. are some examples where we can help you with ease.

Book your Tax Consultation appointment today to receive a call from an EZTax Tax Expert consultant. For Capital Gains, Foreign Income, NRI related consultations the price would be Rs. 1999 + GST See below to know how to request Tax Consultation

Types of Tax Advisory

Various types of cases where an EZTax Consultant can help you over a phone.

1. Income Tax Filing related

Income Tax Filing related Tax consultation to help you in making right decisions, or simply to get a right opinion. It could be related to Capital Gains, Freelancing, Export of Services, Foreign Tax Credit, TDS, Business Tax situation or related matter.

2. Income Tax Advisory Optimization

Optimisation of your tax situation and recommend tax saving options to save on taxes, this could be related to your Salary, Capital Gains, Crypto Currencies, Virtual Digital Assets, re-Architecting your Business, new Business, understanding Salary Structure while changing jobs, New vs Old Tax Regime Changes, Investment Declarations to the Employer.

3. Tax Notice Handling

Notice handling related Income Tax, TDS, GST, Business Compliance for an opinion, guidance, calculation, read, review of your tax scenario and provide guidance, or re-filing and / or to articulate the next steps.

4. NRI / Foreign Tax related

Understanding residential status, opinion, and recommendation on DTAA, planning, forecasting taxes, repatriation, job changes, tax residency status and its impact, COVID-19 impact, moving back to India related matters

5.Goods & Services Tax (GST) related

Expert advice on GST Tax filing, Input Tax Credit (ITC), Export, Import, LUT, Compliance, Planning, ISD, Business Tax Architecture, and Recommendations.

6.Other Tax Advisory Related

Please type your specific Tax Advisory or accounting query in detail to identify a relevant expert to help you. This could be anything under Taxes & Accounting related.

How to start Tax Advisory

Create an Account
Click on Sign In button, Create an Account and provide your details. (You will need an e-mail, and a mobile number in order to create an account.) We will send a verification link in an eMail. Click on the link to register / sign up
Select Tax Consultation
Click on “Assisted Income Tax Filing” button in the Dashboard, and choose the type of Tax Advisory return and other options before hitting Continue. Once the ITR due date is over, you have an opportunity to select “Belated” IT Return up to the revision period for an assessment year. (For eg., Mar 31st 2022 for FY 2020-21 or AY 2021-22). Other Return types available to use are “Original”, “Revised”.
Provide Personal Info
Provide your Personal information and your Permanent or Current Address.
Select a Case / Reason for Consultation
Choose an Express Profile that suits your need and continue and Adjust the selection based on financial events / income profile.
Select an Appointment
Upload files / images / documents into appropriate forms and continue. If you do not know how to upload the docs / files, you can send them to support@lecielconsulting.inonce the service is taken from the email-id you used to take the service. Most important documents out of all is Form 26 AS. You can share your PAN and Password of the Govt. ITD Portal to download by our team. Please Note: If you are currently outside of India, Form 26AS may not be able to get downloaded due to Govt restrictions.


Starting from FY 2021-22 (AY 2022-23), Form 16 is no longer needed as LeCiel can fetch the salary data from income tax department using PAN, Date of Birth and your OTP. Hence if Salaried and no Form 16 is available skip uploading Form 16.
Make a Payment
Make a payment, using any of the methods – ( Debit card / Net Banking / Wallet / UPI /… ) After Payment you will be redirected to Service Confirmation, and an email with the service confirmation.
Expert review and e-File
Our Tax Advisory Expert will review your documents, re-price if necessary, and share the draft tax computation for your review. Upon a confirmation email from you to eFile, our team will eFile your IT Return. An email with eFile status and an acknowledgement number will be sent to your eMail once eFiled. In few days after the eFiling, a formal Tax Invoice is shared to your email as well (this is in addition to the payment receipt we send after your Payment). Note: We do not eFile your IT return without your email confirmation to our team. This is to make sure you are fully involved in the process.
Consultation Call from Expert
Our Tax Expert will reach you at the time of the chosen appointment to listen and advice accordingly.